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19th February 2020 


Myself and my son Harry (age 9) first met Pauline in July 2018 following a recommendation from a family friend. My father had passed away in December 2017 and to begin with Harry appeared to be coping with the loss of his grandad. Over time however, it became clear that he was struggling to deal with this loss. He couldn’t sleep at night and he had lost all of his confidence, he didn’t want to go swimming which he absolutely loves and if we went anywhere he wouldn’t leave my side. Nothing I could do or say made him feel any better and I felt completely useless as his mum so I contacted Pauline to ask for help and that was, without doubt, the best decision I have ever made!

Pauline has helped Harry immeasurably and has gone above and beyond what I could have expected! With her help Harry has regained his confidence, he is back to being the happy boy that he was before losing his grandad and I have my son back! Family friends who witnessed Harry at his lowest point have told me recently that they have seen such a difference in him and I attribute that to the help and guidance that he has received from Pauline. In Harrys words “Pauline is incredible”. I cannot thank Pauline enough for everything she has done for Harry and indeed for us as a family and I would highly recommend her to anyone of any age who may find themselves needing help!


I am more than happy for mine and Harrys names to appear.

Many thanks

Debra Doyle
I have been seeing Pauline for just over a year now. I went to see Pauline because I was unable to cope with life’s events that had happened during that time. Unable to sleep well, played by bad dreams - Pauline was my saviour.
With her support I was able to take back control of my life and the hypnotherapy helped my sleeping pattern, with my dreams becoming less intrusive, aiding a better emotional state. I started to feel all the broken pieces sticking back together again.
Seeing Pauline, felt like I finally had someone who would listen and hear what I had to say; to help me make sense of things; someone who understood where I was coming from. Without Pauline I would not be where I am right now. She helped me find my true self again; something I had lost for many years. I am so grateful for having found her and everything she has done. She really does go above and beyond your expectations to ensure your wellbeing.I can’t thank you enough.

We were in desperate need of support having suffered the death of a baby during labour. Sadly the NHS was not able to offer any comfort or advice and at a time when mental health wasn’t recognised we were left totally bereft and told ‘to get over it’. Thankfully we were given contact details for Pauline.
I entered therapy a broken person; unable to function with no sense of any future or what was possible anymore. Pauline was able to offer support, understanding, empathy and compassion. She took me from my rawest state of despair through the stages of grief. Our sessions each week varied and even when battling the hardest moments of my journey it all felt worthwhile and like I was getting somewhere in the path to feeling ‘ok’ again.
Therapy was something that I never thought I would need and although I entered primarily for loss it opened up avenues and addressed other issues within our lives I had always struggled with but had previously never understood.
My perception of people and life grew under Pauline’s care and seeing the world a little differently because of loss actually became my strength; giving me more empathy and compassion towards others.
When I first entered therapy - and this country wouldn’t acknowledge its importance - and mentioned it to anyone they would take a step backwards wandering if I was just a little bit crazy. Now when I proudly say I have had therapy I usually get asked for contact details. Mental health is the key to many things and I can honestly say I was down a very dark hole and I truly felt I couldn’t climb out. Pauline offered me hope and from that point a future to look forwards to and take back control for myself.

I had therapy with Pauline for three years. I was in crisis when I first started seeing her but she always made me feel safe & grounded. In the early days I couldn’t wait for my session to come round again as she always made me feel better when life was a struggle. Over time, I went from weekly, fortnightly & then monthly appointments. As time went on, I was able to see how situations in my life had led to my current situation. Through working with Pauline I became emotionally stronger, more self confident and aware and most importantly I learnt to have a duty of care to myself. Without doubt, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Pauline’s expertise, positivity & gentle approach. She is an amazing therapist & I recommend her 100%.

I don’t really understand how therapy works ,I can tell you that it certainly does. Pauline listened carefully to all my stories from childhood rage from narcissistic abuse, to the loss & Change /substance abuse, to running away to heavy drinking,
During all our sessions I always felt I could share even the most difficult things and I was so confident in my treatment: that I kind of ran head first into everything and made lots of changes in my life.
Pauline accompanied me on important meetings like to the mental health assessment team . I was able to give mysel permission and even to enter a singing contest!..I will always remember the anniversary of my first treatment..
since then I have moved towns, said goodbye to the people in my life I needed to say that to, strengthened my boundaries with people and generally feel much more settled and happy.
There is much more balance in my life now. I was on two sets of meds and I’m now off them!
My main treatment is finished but when things do get tough, Pauline is always at the end of the phone.
She is the one person I can count on.