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19th February 2020 
Why Counselling. fish

Why Choose Counselling

Why Choose Counselling

It is a way of bringing yourself to someone who can give you the safe space and empathy not sympathy to just be…………

The counsellor and yourself have to gel so that a therapeutic alliance can happen so that you feel safe and comfortable with them

Counsellors spend 4 and 5 years of training in the art of hearing what you are not saying rather than just listening they are trained to listen, and be objective and unbiased. Their goal is to facilitate you ;to help you to find your own answers and your own way to a life of fulfilment

You will probably come to see counsellor if you are suffering from loss & change this can come in many forms the loss of a relationship of a workplace retirement divorce, during times of indecision, relationships at home & work the stress and pain of injury or accident, The stress of life and indecision. Violence Trauma, Early childhood Traumatic experiences ( Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse) . (please see homepage)

Most Counsellors have spent many years working their clinical hours, having years their own therapy which is part of the accredited courses and studies. spending time studying other models even when qualified, you have to have your own supervision and follow 30hours of continual professional development. Follow a professional training and work to different "models" or theories - some counsellors integrate several models or theories into their practice. As your counsellor Iv spent over 4 years in personal therapy, and beacuse of the BACP memebrship . I also receive cllinical supervision monthly which is now approximately 15 years to date . It is a requirement to Practice as a Professional Psychotherapist. Also to be registered with a professional body, which protects the Client/patient .

You will be given understanding congruence and empathy, at all times. It’s paramount these are set up in the first Contact and meeting. It is said you can only take a client or patient as far as you have taken yourself in therapy. I will continue to attend my professional clinical supervision to also accessed my own personal Development.

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