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19th February 2020 
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Personal Approach

I am a MBACP Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. We can be located on the BACP professional list under Essex

Pauline Christy
Within my professional and individual approach as a Psychodynamic Therapist Counsellor and licensed NLP Practitioner, I work within a therapuetic frame, this is a way of the client feeling safe and confident. I believe it is important to give empathy and support to the client, so they can have the confidence to bring into therapy the difficulties that face them. Therapy is not an exact science, so it would be impossible to fit the client into a particular model of psychotherapy. My experience and training includes working with a range of approaches and strategies. I work with dreams, this is a very creataive way of working with clients and can sometimes open up what is going on, through interpretation it can move the client on in a positive way. It is paramount that the client and I build a therapeutic alliance as the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor.

I work within the private sector. I practice in Braintree Essex I practiced in Harley Street London for a few years, I also worked within the drug and alcohol field. We are committed to providing counselling and psychodynamic counselling in a safe and confident way.Beacuse of our dedication in this feild we have always felt it of the utmost importance to use our time in continual Professional Dervelopment. This has enabled us to bring in other concepts to practice with; solution focused brief therapy, art & healing, Visual guided Imagery,Relaxation, Hypnotherapy, Nueuro linquistic programming (NLP)Practitioner

NB: Guided Imagery/hypnotherapy/relaxtion are deemed as efective therapuetic tools and are not therapy or counselling.However It can assist a client in arears of sleep depravation and panic attacks.

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