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19th February 2020 
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? Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling & psychotherapy?

There are many different models in therapy however, psychotherapy, psychodynamic therapy deal with the underlying problem’s. For example people can go to their doctor for many health conditions, for example, a feeling of choking, tightness in their chest, headaches, back pain not sleeping feelings of dread, feeling anxious and vulnerable in social and work settings. Finds it difficult to eat in social settings. These physical conditions may be caused through; anxiety, panic, stress disorders, bullying in the workplace and in relationships.

What are The Benefits?

Psychotherapy and Counselling Therapy is a well-established talking treatment for emotional psychological and mental nhealth problems. The aim is to uncover and discuss issues related to the client’s emotional and psychological problems and help the client to use their self-awareness, to move away from negative thought patterns. Physical symptoms may also be alleviated, improved self-esteem, better motivation and enhanced personal relationships, in general result from successful treatment.

What does it involve?

Therapy can be carried out in a one to one, couple or group. Techniques vary. In our practice we acknowledge that every client is unique. In therapy we work within a therapeutic frame. This is an important part of the therapy. The client will always have the same day and time on a weekly basis. The therapist will not book another client in their space and unless of fire or accident, the client will be in the safety of the frame. There will be no interruption while therapy is in progress. It is important that the client feels safe and comfortable to talk about what brought them to therapy.

What is client confidentiality?

This is the protection of information presented by clients in the therapy setting. Information extrapolated from the client by the therapist during therapy is treated with the strictest confidence and will not be party to breaking any of this confidentiality. The recording of all client information will not include the clients name or details to identify the client. All information is kept in a secured filing system.

In regards to exceptional circumstances, client confidentiality maybe broken. If the client expresses that they are at risk of harming themselves or a third party, client confidentiality will be broken and the appropriate agency will be informed. In relation to child protection issues the appropriate agencies and child protection team will be informed.