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19th February 2020 
Qualifications #01

Professional Qualifications & Professional Profile

Pauline Christy
Prof Dev Cert Counselling Skills, 2001/ 2002; Counselling & developmental Psychology;2003/2004 Counselling & Social Psychology 2005 Prof Dev Dip Psychodynamic Counselling, 2005; Dip Working with Loss &Change , Case Studies, Effective Counsellor, Client Assessment & Goal Assessment, 2005;Licensed- Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Hypnodiet Consultant Jan ,2015 ' ACT Hypnotherapy'. 2015
Virtual Gastro Band , Procedure Study 2015 ,

I am a Counsellor using the Psychodynamic school for long Term psychotherapy. And also Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Short Term and Brief Therapy, NLP, with visual guided Relaxation.I believe in a holistic concept, therapy is not a one size for all; we will adapt the therapy to tailor it for the client. I work within this ethos as part of the code of ethics. I have over 11years adult experience;I have worked with male and females in the NHS mental health with my own small patient list working with Border line Psychosis between (2003/2006: Detox Auricular Ear Acupuncture Practitioner. Drug and Alcohol, Obsessive compulsive disorders Post Traumatic Disorders, stress anxiety, Avoidant personality gDisorders, Social Phobis.Adult Survivors of Sexual abuse,Couples who have relation difficulties. Couples who are seperated or divorced and wish to develop a deepers sense of understanding and an amicable working relationship with their ex partners for the benifit of their children. I practiced at No 10 Harley Street London for 3years , working with Employment Assited Programs and face to face. I have also been working in Drug & Alcohol for the past 11 years

I work with individuals face-to-face and couples on an open-ended basis or for an agreed time period. Clients are offered eight or twelve sessions to begin therapy, a reviewing in four to six weeks to assess where they are in therapy'.
Professional Ethics
As a member of BACP I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice in counselling and psychotherapy and subject to the professional Conduct Procedures therein.

It is important that you feel safe and comfortable, the BACP are the regulatory body responsible for setting standards of good practice. We abide very closely be these codes of ethics.

Dr Richard Bandler who was the creator of the concept of NLP led the NLP training with Paul McKenna in which I qualified.

We have attended Professor Bassanti Puri's Master Classes, as he is one of the leading experts in Essential Fatty Acids. It is obvious that what we eat must become part of the body and this in turn must affect health, behaviour. On the subject of mood Disorders, Tanskanen(2001)observed a population of 3,204 people; conclusion " The likelihood of having depressive symptoms was significantly higher in people who do not take higher fish and essential Fatty acid. So it is believed a diet of high in fatty fish or taking EPA (a fraction of fish oil) with the correct vitamins and minerals which act as coenzymes or co factors, can help re-establish, or establish more essential fatty acid (EFA) behaviour to the brain.... More of this amazing information can be found in the link to Igennus Web site & Vegepa site. (see Vegepa Page)
We recommend taking this supplement as it has been proved to have a great effect on people with symptoms of stress, anxiety and mental health problems. See link to Igennus.